Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella - In 2015, the founders got together in response to news that was trending around the world. In a short amount of time we had learned about the sad reality of the ivory trade and common the mistreatment of elephants. Instead of looking the other way we saw an opportunity to make a difference and utilized what we knew best, social media.

Shortly after, Ivory Ella was born with one goal in mind: to build a business that offers high-quality apparel and gear that makes people feel good—a company that gives back and inspires others to do the same. In other words, good clothes for a good cause.

We recognize that elephants are one of the most relatable creatures in the world. As a keystone species, their contribution to the environment is critical. Thanks to you, we’ve donated over $1.6 million to Save the Elephants and other charitable organizations. It's our global mission to help eliminate the elephant crisis and motivate the next generation to take action!